The 4x4 and MORE Team:

Art Metoyer:

Art has over 15 years of professional experience and is a lifetime auto enthusiast. His specialties are in fabrication, suspension and drive train repair and enhancement. His skills include rebuilding differentials and diagnosing suspension problems. He has a wealth of knowledge of anything that goes off road.

Andrea Azevedo:

Andrea has a wide range of hands on experience from service writing to construction and even some time as a wild land fire fighter. She also has experience with part procurement and can locate the hard to find parts. She will work hard to find our customers just what they are looking for to give their vehicle MORE.  Her hobbies include riding Harley Davidson motor cycles.

Charles Confer:

Charles is an off-road enthusiast experienced with Toyota 4x4 trucks. He has over 22 years of experience diagnosing and repairing a wide range of vehicles. He previously worked as an independent mechanic and now is on our team here at 4x4 and More. When not working at our shop he is building one of his Toyota trucks or out on the trails with them.

Charles is currently on a leave of absents for a construction project on his house. He is available to us for consulting and diagnostic support.

Adam Evans:

Adam is also a lifetime auto enthusiast. He has over 15 years experience working in auto repair. Most of his experience is with Honda dealerships. He also has experience working in an aftermarket tuner shop. He has top notch skills with tuning engines. His hobbies include building and driving his lifted Jeep Cherokee trail rig.

Caleb Phalen:

Caleb is our apprentice mechanic. He is very enthusiastic about 4x4's. He works with us full time during the day and goes to school at night working on his technical degree. In his spare time he is working on his own project vehicles, building his Suzuki Samurai up for the trails.

Darryl Smith:

Darryl is an experienced service writer ready to research the right parts for your vehicle. He is very detail oriented and will ensure the work is set up correctly for our team to get it done. He has over 20 years experience in service writing vehicle repair.

Zach Barberi:

Zach has completed his tech school at De Anza. He has also completed his ASE master tech certification testing. He is an offload enthusiast with experience in building his own off road truck. He is interested in working on MORE than the typical repair work.

Preciliano Perea:

Preci has recently completed his training s an Automotive technician at CTE in San Jose. This training gave him two years of hands on experience as an automotive technician. He is eager to help as he gains more experience in our market.

Dan Watkins:

Dan has 30 years of experience in the OE automotive manufacturing industry. He is also a life time automotive enthusiast. Starting out in autocross at an early age required him to learn automotive repair to stay competitive at the track. His experience includes building a race car to SCCA ITS class specifications. He continues to participate in track days and autocross events. He also makes trips to Pismo and Hollister for off road adventures. Implementing quality standards used by the OE auto manufactures into maintenance, overhaul, repair and enhancement is a differentiator to our business. Dan has spent his career using data to find the most robust solution to mechanical problems. This experience drives the vision at 4x4 and More to be the highest quality auto repair shop.

4x4 and More, Team Mentors:

Eric Forbes and Cat Forbes have given our team excellent mentor-ship as we build the company they grew to the next level. They continue to support us with their knowledge and experience gained from the history of building this business. Our team respects and values their support as mentors.

4x4 and MORE Team Karting trip
Memorial Day Weekend 2018