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4x4 and More, The Process


You may end up with a small gift as we always strive to you MORE! We are here to help and welcome you to visit us. Its starts by listening to the vehicles story, how has it been used, how will it be used, what are your plans and dreams for it? This is followed up with an incoming vehicle inspection to ensure we document the plan. Our goal is to give you the most value from your vehicle by ensuring it is in top running condition. We will also get you the right equipment to conquer any adventures you have planned.

Let’s get under the hood and talk about how we can give you MORE!

In shop inspection.

Here we will give the vehicle a complete inspection to head off potential future problems. In this inspection we use data from scan tools, calipers, indicators and other tools to ensure we have and accurate measure of the problem.

The estimate.

The inspection process will result in an accurate estimate of your vehicle’s needs. We strive to predict the complete picture of what is needed before work is started. With the full picture you will be able to give us approval to perform the work as needed or desired.

Preforming the work.

Our team will use their experience and tools to ensure the work is done accurately and to the highest quality level possible. We also use our experience to choose parts from manufactures with a track record of high quality.

Quality inspection

Once the work is completed our standard is to perform a quality inspection of the work. This inspection is done by a second mechanic to ensure we always have two sets of eyes on the work. This inspection process includes confirming bolt torque, complete and clean assembly and a test drive.

Customer follow up

We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your vehicle after your visit to us. We will give you a follow up call a couple of days after your visit to say thank you for your business. We want to ensure you and your family are safe and happy with your vehicle.

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Vehicle inspection
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