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           4x4 and More, business vision

  • M.O.R.E. =Maintenance, Overhaul, Repaired, Enhancement
  • Actions are based on a balanced return between Customers, Employees and Investors. Scanlon plan link
  • Focus on quality service, at 4x4 and More we choose best over better. 4x4 and More Equipment List
  • 4x4 and More is where parts and service come together to give our customers a complete solution to create their ultimate enhanced vehicle. Portfolio link
  • Ensure clear efficient communication with creative use of available technologies. 4x4 and More Facebook
  • Organize the shop and schedule, improved efficiency and delivery. 5S
  • Ensure a thorough vehicle inspection is completed before and after work is performed.
  • Ongoing training for mechanics. All mechanics are pursuing ASE master mechanic certification. ASE
  • Always dig deeper to find the root cause of the vehicle’s repair needs. 5 Why's
  • React to all problems with a corrective action addressing the true root cause. 5M
  • Use proven automotive industry standard problem-solving methods. 8D
  • Documented processes. 4x4 and More creates standards to ensure consistent quality. 4x4 and More, The Process
  • Consistent quality inspections before vehicles are returned to the customer.
  • Ensure the customer get outstanding value from their vehicles.
  • Follow up calls to Thank our Customers and confirm their satisfaction. 4x4 and More, The Process
  • Build a shop Jeep. We are 4x4 enthusiast. Shop Jeep build link
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             4x4 and MORE, History

4×4 and More was founded in 1990 by Christopher and Roberta Forbes. Chris was a master Technician for Chrysler/Jeep/AMC for over 10 years.  With a passion for 4wd and a strong commitment to customer service Chris and Roberta started a business that specialized and only repaired Jeep vehicles. In 2004 Eric Forbes (Chris’ Son) and his wife Catherine took over 4×4 and More. Eric realized that with all the different makes of 4×4′s on the road and the strong demand for lift kits and off-road enhancements that the business needed to be broadened to cater to those who didn’t just own Jeeps. Jeeps are still a strong focus of our business, but are not the only focus. 4x4 and More is still the go to for Jeep repair in the area and for many the only shop that they trust.

In January of 2017 Eric and Catherine sold the business to focus on their next goals. Eric is a mechanic at the fire department achieving his goal of becoming a fireman. Cat is going back to school with the goal of advancing her education.

4x4 and More was purchased by Scotts Valley resident Dan Watkins, through 4x4 and More Enterprises, Inc. It is now run by our team of local mechanics. You can learn more about our team by clicking this link, The 4x4 and More Team. The 4x4 and More team has all the skills needed to build on this great business, focused on family values and adding value to our community.  The team follows our vision to ensure customers get great value out of their vehicles. If your vehicle needs Maintenance, Overhaul, Repair or Enhancement, the team at 4x4 and MORE is ready to help you safely tackle whatever adventure you have planned.


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